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Re: S-Tagger and FrameMaker and translation issues

At 03:41 PM 12/8/99 -0500, Sarah O'Keefe wrote:
>At 7:38 PM +0000 12/8/99, Sarah Carroll wrote:
>>...with structured files. Sarah (of Dummies frame, oops, fame) responded
>>by asking why not just translate the SGML. hmmm...
>>As to why not just translate the SGML, well, that in most cases
>>will add a significant amount of work -- if the FrameMaker+SGML file is
>>absolutely perfectly structured, then it's technically feasible, I think
>>(but please correct me if I'm wrong) to open up the SGML file and have
>>a beautiful FrameMaker+SGML file, but in the majority of instances we
>>have come across, life is never like that.
>I should have probably been a little less flippant. What I *meant* was that
>if FM/SGML is set up with an SGML application, then you can output good
>SGML, and that can be used as the base for translation.
No, it would be a very lousy base for translation, unless Unicode was
implemented, which FM+SGML can't handle. Without Unicode, many translated
characters would have to be represented as entity references, and that would
be a very time-consuming and error-prone process.
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