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Back with updated MIF scripts

Dear framers,

Some of you may remember me leaving these lists earlier this
year. I'm now officially back with a new private email address,
and a new "framers" web page (see my signature for details).
On the new web page, I have updated my information on the
framers archives, among other things. (The old web page is
still available, but contains old and outdated information.)

I have also released a new version of my free MIF utilities
"mifscripts" for use with FrameMaker on UNIX. These scripts
do things that you normally need plug-in$ to achieve:

* fm2mif : Create MIF files from FrameMaker binary files
* mif2fm : Create FrameMaker binary files from MIF files
* mifformats : List or compare format definitions and overrides
* mifreport : Report usage of formats, tags, files, etc.
* mifremove : Remove formats and hidden/unused information
* mifwords : Count words in MIF files (very customizable) 
* mifmv : Change or list filename references (renaming a file)

The major changes compared to previous versions are support
for version 5.5 MIF files (new features and MIF statements),
all scripts can handle book files, shorter usage texts,
corrected bugs and new features requested by users. For
more information, visit http://go.to/framers/mifscripts
(if this doesn't work, use the other URL in my signature).

********** What I'd like to know is:
1) Is it a good idea to keep updating these scripts, or is
   the UNIX market for FrameMaker too small?
2) Should they be rewritten in Perl or a similar language
   to be usable on all platforms?
3) Is FrameScript ever going to be ported to UNIX?
4) Is there a market for even more commercial plug-ins if
   I would remake the utilities using the FDK?
5) Do I have a future without charging money for them? :-)

UNIX users, feel free to check out the utilities and give
me feedback on problems, missing features, etc!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thomas Michanek, [Michagon], Linkoping, Sweden
Documentation Consultant, FrameMaker/UNIX expert
EMAIL:  mailto:Thomas.Michanek@telia.com
WWW:    http://go.to/framers , or go directly to:
NOTE: my old WWW page contains outdated information
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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