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Is the FrameUsers list broken?

Starting this afternoon, if I posted to FramerUsers, my posts DO get
through, however, I am getting emails from....

  Lyris: saying that I am not a member, thus I cannot
    post -- but the posts do go through!

  FEI Company:  Saying that the email address of the
    original poster of the query and to whom I have 
    copied the post, does not exist.  One in Australia 
    and one in the U.S.  The FEI outfit seems to be
    in the Netherlands.

Is anybody else getting this weirdness?


Jay Smith

e-mail: Jay@JaySmith.com

Jay Smith & Associates
P.O. Box 650
Snow Camp, NC  27349  USA

Phone: Int+US+336-376-9991
Toll-Free Phone in US & Canada:
Fax: Int+US+336-376-6750

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