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Re: Built-in PS printer fonts and ATM


Whether or not your laser printer font license indicates that you can
install the fonts on your PC, you essentially HAVE TO install them on
your PC in order to make proper use of the printer equipment in a

At a minimum, what ATM needs are *.PFB and *.PFM files.  Look on the
software/disk(s) supplied with the laser and search for *.PFB and *.PFM
files. While you are at it, also look for *.AFM and *.INF files.  (On
the later, there are other non-font programs that use *.INF-named files
as well)

If necessary, COPY these files to a SINGLE (all need to be in one
directory) temporary directory on your PC.  When you use ATM to do the
Add, navigate ATM to point it to that temporary directory -- ATM should
then show you a list of font names that it sees there.


Michael Cudmore wrote:
> I know this type of question has been turning the list into more
> "Fonters" than "Framers", but while we are on the subject ...
> Our postscript printer contains 35 built-in fonts including the base 14
> (Courier, Times, etc) plus others including Avant Garde and Palatino.
> Am I right in assuming that I have to purchase these other built-in
> fonts for ATM in order to get Wisiwyg display, and to allow downloading
> to other PS and non-PS printers? That is, is it the case that I have a
> license to use those built-in fonts in my HP LaserJet only and not in
> ATM, unless I purchase a new license?
> cheers
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