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Re: Font Browsing or Previewing?


There are quite a few shareware and freeware font browsing programs.

I suggest going to some of the main shareware sites (sorry, can't help
you on url's at the moment) and search for what you need.

Back in the Win3.1 days, I had one  that could look through a whole
directory (I don't recall that they had to be "installed") and print out
a big book of sample sheets, etc.  It was great -- I just don't remember
the name of it.


graham wideman wrote:
> Folks:
> OK, after more hours of labor, I've finally got the "Collection 220" fonts
> copied from the Type On Call CD to my PC... now on to the next issue before
> installing some of them.
> I know how to view samples of fonts one at a time using ATM Sample Sheets,
> but what do I use to preview a whole collection of fonts and finding the
> ones I need?
> I certainly don't want to install them *all*, as I understand that I then
> have a problem managing them (and how they appear on font menus etc)... so
> I need to pick and choose first.
> I thought the way to go would be "Adobe Type Browser" included on the TOC
> CD, but on closer inspection it appears that it can only preview fonts on
> the Type On Call CD.
> There has to be a better way than opening ATM Sample Sheets for every one
> of those fonts separately... and in any case you can't tell even
> approximately which font is which from the three or four character filenames!
> I'm assuming there's some standard tool that everyone knows about for doing
> this -- suggestions?
> Graham
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