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Re: Errant Fonts and Adobe Bashing


It sounds like your "tech support" folks didn't 'help' enough. 
Some/most laser printers come with x-quantity of fonts.  The process of
installing the printer software (if there is any to install) MAY make
changes to certain files or registry (on Win95, it would be the
C:\Windows\win.ini file) that will show certain fonts downloading for a
certain printer.  [This can result in exceeding the 64 KB size limit of
the win.ini file if you have 300 fonts loading to four different

Anyway, what has probably not been done correctly is that ATM should be
used to install those fonts.  

My own procedure for this type of thing is very drastic and may not even
be correct or working properly, but it works for what we do.  This can
be very dangerous -- don't attempt this unless you really know what you
are doing. I have: 

  a) used ATM to remove PS fonts from our system [first making sure that
I know where to reinstall them from] if there are any there -- I don't
remove everything, but those that I know came with this printer or that

  b) Then I remove any unneeded/unwanted printer instances.  VERY
CAREFUL HERE!!  This can break things -- for example deleting a printer
instance that WordPerfect knows about will cause WP to forget special
"page sizes" that were set up for that default printer.  CAREFUL! 

  b) Then I (first save a backup!) edited the win.ini file to remove the
listings of fonts under each printer instance.  Find the [bracketed
section] that is specifically for Karen's printer.  (Careful!).  I have
removed the (up to 300) fonts listed in said section.

  c) Then I reboot windoze.

  d) Then I do into ATM 4.x Deluxe and check Settings/Advanced:  I make
sure that Smooth is ON, use prebuit/resident is ON, enable
auto-activiation is ON.  Also back at Settings, make sure ATM is ON.  In
the MS-Driver section/button, *IF* it is not grayed out, I make sure
that "mark as auto-download" is ON, but not the other two options. 
Again, I don't know if this is "correct", but it works for us.

  e) Then I start adding fonts -- after carefully planning font sets, if
font sets are desired. When adding, I make sure that "add without
copying" is NOT checked.  Most people DO want to "copy".

With all this done, all fonts are available for all applications and for
all printers -- for us.


Karen Kenny wrote:
> Dov and Framers,
> Dov Isaacs said:
> <snip>
> (3) Unless the user explicitly installs the "base 35" (or whatever
> "base" number you want to chose; PostScript 3 printer have 136 faces
> resident) on their desktop system, they don't have access to those
> fonts for (a) WYSIWYG viewing of the document or (b) access for
> downloading to other printers. You explicitly need to install ATM
> (Adobe Type Manager) and install such fonts for such on screen and
> downloadable to other printers access.
> </snip>
> Forgive me, my tech support department tries to "help" me by insulating
> me from the nitty gritty of my PC.  Say I have a postscript printer that
> has some number of fonts and these fonts show up as being available in
> my paragraph catalog in FrameMaker when a particular printer is
> selected, but are not available when another printer is selected.  Where
> do I get the fonts to install using ATM so that the fonts are available
> all the time?  Do I have to purchase them separately?  Then what good
> does it do for the printer to include fonts?
> I think this is a problem that we have encountered with creating PDFs
> from FrameMaker.  I had a co-worker who was having problems creating a
> PDF (missing letters, extra spaces).  My first instruction to him was to
> use the Adobe Postscript driver and Distiller PPD.  But when he tried
> that, he got an error that Palatino was not available and some other
> font was going to be substituted.  I know I've gotten similar messages
> about Helvetica Narrow.  (By the way, we did eventually get his problem
> fixed, but if he could have used the distiller PPD, it would have been
> fixed sooner.)
> This is the biggest problem I have with using the Distiller PPD--that it
> doesn't support fonts that appear to be on my system and which
> FrameMaker let me use in my document.
> Karen Kenny
> ACI Worldwide
> Omaha
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