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RE: Frame taking over .doc extension

If at any stage your Windows PC did not have Word installed on it, then, on
double-clicking a *.doc file, a dialogue asks which application to open it
with and also gives you the option to associate that app with the extension.
If you chose FrameMaker it would henceforth be associated with *.doc files
and their icons would change accordingly.  This is an absolute long shot but
would exhibit the symptoms you describe.


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Dov Isaacs [SMTP:isaacs@Adobe.COM]
> Sent:	Tuesday, December 07, 1999 3:36 AM
> To:	Richard Phillips
> Cc:	Mark.Ludwig@lawson.com; framers@FrameUsers.com
> Subject:	Re: Frame taking over .doc extension
> Importance:	High
> Again, we have checked via testing and have not been able to
> duplicate such a symptom here at Adobe with current releases
> of FrameMaker. Within Adobe, we are not aware of any such symptom
> at least since the time Adobe acquired Frame Technology. We have 
> not received any Technical Support calls regarding such symptoms.
> Such a problem is so egregious that we would expect large numbers
> of technical support phone calls if that problem existed in our 
> current software.
> Not satisfied that perhaps there was something else going on, the 
> actual FrameMaker code and installers have been checked for the 
> possibility that FrameMaker would attempt to register or change the
> registration of the .doc file suffix. To date we have not found such
> a possibility to exist.
> We would appreciate any user who can indeed demonstrate such
> symptoms with recent FrameMaker software (i.e. 5.5.x) to contact us
> directly so that we could ascertain all the conditions under which
> such symptoms occur and can investigate the cause.
> Barring that, I believe that Windows users of FrameMaker have very
> little to fear about losing existing Microsoft Word .doc file 
> associations.
>          - Dov
> At 12/6/99 06:46 AM , Richard Phillips wrote:
> >Not happy about that. it will make it harder to tell which app created
> >the docement.
> >
> >=========================
> >
> >Mark.Ludwig@lawson.com wrote:
> > > 
> > > For what it's worth, I did notice this behavior (the .doc extension
> becoming
> > > associated with FM after you install FM on Windows) back in version 5.
> It
> > > happened on my home computer in fact. I also noticed it occasionally
> happen when
> > > Frame Reader was installed on computers at my work place (also version
> 5). It
> > > was not a predictable event, however. It happened in a small
> percentage of
> > > cases. Maybe it's not even FM's fault--let's blame it on Microsoft and
> its
> > > Windows O/S.
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