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Re: The Driver or FM? Or both?


1) Make sure that you are using the correct "printer definition" (ppd
file) for the printer to which you are printing.  

1a) I am making the assumption that you have successfully printed SOME
files from FM to this printer before.

1b) However, have you successfully printed ANY files CONTAINING EPS
IMAGES to THIS printer before?  The next question is how large is the
job you are sending?  Would it work if it was only a 1 page job that had
an EPS image on it?

1c) Is your printer a POSTSCRIPT-CAPABLE printer?  Remember, EPS files
are "Encapsulated PostScript".  If you are using a non-postscript
printer (i.e. HP/PCL or some other non-postscript language), I don't
think that you will be successful.

2) If the answers to all the above indicate that you should not have a
problem, try an experiment:  First create a PS file that you Distill to
PDF -- be sure to "print to file", USING THE DISTILLER PPD, not a
physical printer's PPD.  Distill the PS file to PDF.  Then print to your
printer from inside Acrobat.  Will it work then?


> John Ivo Wiens wrote:
> We are currently running Adobe PS Driver 4.31 and printing one of our
> files, which contain embedded EPS's we come up with the following
> problem: (Is this an option inside Framemaker that I should change or
> is this a PS Driver issue?)
> %%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: get ]%%
> Stack:
> /UniqueID
> -dict-
> %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
> You help would be greatly appreciated.
> Ivo

Jay Smith

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