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Re: S-Tagger and FrameMaker and translation issues

At 7:38 PM +0000 12/8/99, Sarah Carroll wrote:
>...with structured files. Sarah (of Dummies frame, oops, fame) responded
>by asking why not just translate the SGML. hmmm...
>As to why not just translate the SGML, well, that in most cases
>will add a significant amount of work -- if the FrameMaker+SGML file is
>absolutely perfectly structured, then it's technically feasible, I think
>(but please correct me if I'm wrong) to open up the SGML file and have
>a beautiful FrameMaker+SGML file, but in the majority of instances we
>have come across, life is never like that.

I should have probably been a little less flippant. What I *meant* was that
if FM/SGML is set up with an SGML application, then you can output good
SGML, and that can be used as the base for translation.

What we're talking about there, though, is an industrial-sized (think IBM
or Boeing) translation setup. If you gasped at S-Tagger prices, you'd have
a heart attack at the price for this approach.


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