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RE: FrameScript tool - worth getting?

My favorite tools... Frame and the following: 

If you are doing any indexing, you WILL want to get IXgen from Frank Stearns
(& Assoc.). The site for that is http://www.pacifier.com/~franks/. Another 
must-have is AutoText from Steve Kubis, which lets you create character-
combination shortcuts and menu items for inserting all sorts of things (from

words to tables to graphics to...). It's $10 shareware; Steve's site is at 
http://www.kagi.com/SPSoftware/. I created a "plug-in" for AutoText that is
designed to work with IXgen, and it's available on Steve's site. If you want

non-WYSIWYG editing, MSWord-like outlining capabilities, or just can't live
without drag-n-drop editing, you will want Enhance from Sandybrook Software/
David Lyall -- see http://www.Sandybrook.com. When you get to the point
you need to do things with Frame that take waaaay to long to do manully, you
will probably want FrameScript from FrameTools/Frank Elmore -- see 
http://www.frametools.com/framescr.htm for details. Also, there are a number
of free & shareware scripts available; the place to start looking for those 
is the FrameUsers web site. 

And no, I don't get any renumeration from any of these companies for 
recommending their products. I just want to keep their companies in 
business so they can keep creating good plug-ins and updating the ones
they have. 

Hope these help...
Ananda Stevens
Technical Publications Specialist, Diab-SDS (ISI)

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