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RE: Acrobat 4.0.5 on NT

> For those of you picking up a copy of Acrobat 4.05 for Windows, 
> note that the product will automatically install the AdobePS 5.1.1 
> driver on WinNT4. This is the same 5.1.1 driver that fails to create 
> PDFs with links from FM 5.5.6.

Good grief. So I had to pay $99 for an upgrade, then $20 for a patch 
that causes *another* bug. Has anyone checked whether or not 4.0.5
actually works with the 5.1 driver??? And are there ANY plans to 
release a 4.0.5 (4.0.6?) that does NOT include the buggy driver? How 
much is that going to cost?!?!

Can we please get the Acrobat people, the Frame people, and the 
PS driver people all in one room to talk to each other???

in annoyance and frustration,
Ananda Stevens

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