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OFF-Topic Request

FOR UK persons only.  Please delete otherwise.
Please respond off-list, ONLY. 

Sorry for the off-topic, but I need some information.  
My lovely dw of my (not so) youth is Scottish, grew up in Leeds.
Her parents and immediate family is still in Leeds.  

She wants to shop on-line this year for Christmas presents.  
Most of the reputable online wwweb sites that I know of and use are all US-based.  Shipping charges to the UK would be out-raqeous!  

If any one can point us to a few good, reputable, wwweb sites for on-line shopping based in the UK, then we can order on-line and have it shipped at a reasonable price.  

A few we would like:  Books, music, and specialty foods.  
We have Amazon.com & Hickory Farms in the U.S.A., etc.  

Thank You.  Now please return to your regularly scheduled Framing!

Work E-Mail:  JPilla@Optum.com 
Home E-Mail:  JayDPiii@Juno.com  

Thanks much, in advance,  

John D. Pilla, jpilla@optum.com
Sr. Product Information Analyst
2550 W. Tyvola Rd., Suite 500
Charlotte, NC  28217-4543
Bus: 704.423.7456
Fax: 704.423.7177

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