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Re: Acrobat 4.0.5 on NT

Good thing you charge only $20 for creating this problem.



Michael Heine                    mheine@internorth.com

Lee Richardson wrote:

> For those of you picking up a copy of Acrobat 4.05 for Windows, note that the product will automatically install the AdobePS 5.1.1 driver on WinNT4. This is the same 5.1.1 driver that fails to create PDFs with links from FM 5.5.6.
> Once AdobePS 5.1.1 is installed on NT4, it's difficult to remove, and AdobePS 5.1 won't install over a later version.
> Adobe is currently putting together plans for an update to AdobePS that will be available through Adobe.com. I'll announce a date as soon as it's nailed down.

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