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Re: "Printing canceled by FrameMaker"


I would be very surprised if the reasons for "Printing Canceled" have
anything to do with the things that you changed in the document.

I hope that you saved a COPY of the original FINISHED version of the
file that would not print to PS.

You gave lots of great detail on your environment, but you did not
mention some important items:

1) To create this PS file, what DRIVER are you using 

2) What PPD are you using for that driver.

3) What is the intended purpose of the postscript file (i.e. to Distill
for PDF, or is it a "print file" that will be sent to an output device).

MY GUESS is that you are using Adobe PS Driver 4.2.x.  Per various posts
by Dov Isaacs in this forum, that driver has problems with PAGE COUNTS

If you cannot reasonably cut your file into chunks (creating multiple PS
files), then your options may be to upgrade to Adobe PS driver 4.3.x
(however, from the noise in the group I would not risk my timeline on
it) which means BUYING Adobe Acrobat 4.x -- which could take some time
if you don't already have it.  OR you can drop back to Adobe Driver
3.0.x.  Installing 3.0.x is tricky because (if I recall correctly) it
will not let you install an earlier version over the later version.  (If
I remember correctly...) I had to attempt the install and then it told
me which files I could not overwrite; then cancel the install; manually
remove the files; then again attempt the install.  A mess, but it

OR...I am all wrong about the whole thing.


"Dalbey, Richard" wrote:
> We are using FM5.6 in Win95/98, 256 meg of RAM and large HD with 4 G of free
> space. AGP Video card with 8 M of memory. We create our files using Type 1 TT
> fonts and are careful to make sure the graphics are imported by reference and
> links are all correct. We are creating a Postscript file by printing the file to
> file. The files is 260 pages in length, 4 meg. Lots of tables and graphics. Most
> tables are contained on one page. The few tables that run over work fine. During
> the printing process the message "Printing canceled by FrameMaker" initially
> appeared. This message appeared in a FM dialog box. We have tried: re-importing
> all the graphics, re-tagged table text to standard tags that work for other
> files. We had some text boxes inside a table. They were deleted to test the
> process. Now the file gives blank pages after the page where the text boxes were
> deleted.  Help! We are against a deadline and need a quick answer.
> Please respond directly to my email address.
> Thanks. Rick Dalbey, Sr Tech Writer
>         Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
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