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Re: Is this a typical Frame/NT bug?

Thanks for all the responses.

I have been using 5.5.6/Samba for a month or two, but not intensively.  We
are now switching over to 5.5.6 from the UNIX-based 5.1 we used for our
recent release, so the usage via Samba will increase greatly.

I do believe that some other writers here have been on a PC, and saving to
UNIX, for a considerable length of time.

It turns out that a possible contributing factor is that we ran out of disk
space, due to many people being well over their 1-gigabyte "recommended
maxiumum".  At the time this was happening I did run a "df -k" and it
seemed that there was some space, but in retrospect it may have been a
close thing (always count the number of digits!).  This may have baffled
the Frame/Samba combination.  (We have run out of disk space before; 5.1 on
UNIX didn't do any of this weird nonsense.)

Also, our Samba version is 1.9.18, which seems pretty old.  I have sent a
request to upgrade to the current version.

I have some other pet peeves, such as the cheap keyboard and the way all my
docs are saved with the executable permission on.  Oh, and the way the
mouse middle button works.

Ed (call me retro-UNIX-grouch) Treijs

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