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Print vs. Online PDFs

Another chance to flaunt my ignorance:

To this point, we've been producing two sets of PDFs for our FrameMaker   
docs. Both are high-res, no compression, no down/subsampling, all fonts   
embedded, subsetted below 99%, etc. However, one set goes out with   
Acrobat Data generated (per the FM print dialog box) and the other is   
created without the Acrobat Data.

Acrobat Data generated
We use this one to distribute on line (from which some of our customers   
print hard copies). The files are large but they go out on tape or CD-ROM   
and so there is no problem. When I produce PDFs from FM in this manner,   
it results in PDF pages that are trimmed correctly to our small page   
format of 7x8.5"

Acrobat Data not generated
We use this PDF to send to the printer, who produces the copy on a   
DocuTech. These PDFs do not have bookmarks, etc. (Acrobat Data), but they   
come out as 8.5 x 11" and show Western registration marks (crop marks),   
which the printer seems to like (but does not demand).

My question: should we be able to send the PDFs with Acrobat data in them   
(the first type listed above) to the printer without any problems? My   
intuition tells me that the PDFs without Acrobat data will be simpler for   
the DocuTech to interpret without confusing fonts or anything else (in   
other words, less extraneous data), but I am not basing this on any   
particular experience.

Has anyone had experience with this? Or sound knowledge? Not just "it   
oughtta work..." ?

Thanks! -- and oh yeah, we use Windows 95, FM 5.5.6, and Acrobat 3.02. We   
create our PS files by printing to the Adobe PS driver version 4.2.6.

Steve Murphy
Senior Documentation Specialist
Adobe Certified Expert/FrameMaker, Acrobat
5845 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA  22303 USA
(703) 317-8879
1-(800) 727-4422

"Witty quote to show my erudition, sense of humor, and overall   
brilliance." --Someone Famous

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