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Re: Is this a typical Frame/NT bug?


We use Samba on Linux to connect to Win95 PCs running FM556.

What you describe sounds like a Samba issue, not an FM issue.  But I am
not so sure.

How long have you been using the Samba?  Do you edit documents on other
WinNT apps such as publishing packages or word processors in this

There could be an issue here with the Samba setup/settings and the
particular way in which FM is trying to lock files, etc.  By comparison,
right after we switched to using Samba, *everything* was working great
except for WordPerfect8 on the Win95 PCs.  It turned out that because of
the way that WordPerfect was doing things and the way our TCP/IP stacks
(FTP Software) were (or were not) working, we had to turn off OpLocks
(opportunistic locking) in Samba to get WP wo work properly.  (Despite
the warnings in the Samba docs that turning off the OpLocks would
degrade performance, we could not detect any degradation.)

So... I may just be full of hot air.  However, I suggest you talk with
your Samba guru and see what the experimentation possibilities are.

I really doubt that this is purely an FM issue.


Ed Treijs wrote:
> Hi;
> After using FrameMaker (and, once upon a time, FrameBuilder) on UNIX with
> no problems, we recently switched to 5.5.6 on NT.
> Today, I went to save a document.  Our documents are still on UNIX, so I go
> through Samba to the UNIX directory.  We use RCS, and I had the doc locked.
> Doc didn't save.  I didn't really take in the first message, except that it
> didn't seem to be referring to my doc (rwhtables.fm).  Try again...."File
> has changed since you last opened it.  Save anyway?"  (Yes.)  "Can't write
> file rwhtables.fm.AC2 to disk."  Tried this a few times, getting random
> extensions added to the filename.
> Then, I was told, "Document was locked by User: 0, Date: Dec 31, 1969.
> Save anyway?"  Huh?  Yeah, save.  After a few tries, it saved.  I tried
> saving a backup version under a different name, too.
> Alas, when I try to open the doc (either version) I'm told it's corrupt,
> and that I should check the disk/network, and/or open a backup file.
> I've heard that Frame is less stable on NT; is this a typical problem?
> Sounds like something Word would do.  =8^0
> Ed (running full-screen eXceed, damnit) Treijs
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