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Re: Acrobat 3.02

The Acrobat 4.05 release is a patch release intended to fix known and
admitted problems, for example, Distiller 4.0's failure to compress JPEG
images correctly.  This sounds like a product recall to me.  Imagine if Saab
recalled a newly released saloon car to fix problems with the brakes and
CHARGED drivers for the privilege?

Under Australian consumer law as administered by the ACCC (Australian
Consumer and Competition Commission) and the very strict approach of its
head, Professor Alan Fels, Saab would be very quickly pulled into line.  I
can see no difference in principle with this patch release which should be
free -- of even postage charges.  As it happens, the ACCC has a local office
on another floor in this building.  I will enquire about this case and let
Australian Adobe customers know the score.

[Acrobat 3.02, FrameMaker 5.5.6, Windows 98, HP OmniBook 2100]

Hedley Finger   Technical Writer

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