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RE: can Frame export XML?

At 11:24 PM 11/14/99 -0500, Lori A. DeFurio wrote:
>This is a very brief (non-technical) description of XML export from
>FrameMaker and FrameMaker+SGML. You will need to speak with your local Adobe
>rep if you need additional information.
>When FrameMaker (and FrameMaker+SGML) 5.5.6 began shipping there was a new
>feature -- "Save as XML".
>	The FrameMaker product maps the paragraph and character styles to XML
>element names (similar to the way the HTML export works). The
>FrameMaker+SGML product creates XML based on the element & attributes of the
>SGML stream.
>Both products generate a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). The FrameMaker CSS is
>based on the Paragraph & Character styles. In the original shipping product,
>FM+SGML also based the CSS on Paragraph & Character styles, but didn't
>really look at the EDD to determine the style characteristics.
>The XMLCSS plug-in was an addition to allow FM+SGML to "look" at the EDD to
>determine the mapping for the CSS. It does not work with the FrameMaker
But as I understand it, it doesn't modify the forming based on context or
attribute values. That is, it only formats according the the default
paragraph tag for the element, and not modifications to that format made as
a result of context or attribute values.
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