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FDK: assertion failure on PC not on unix

Hello guys and girls,

I have created a FrameMaker+SGML plug-in which saved the pathnames of
imported graphics to the SGML file. Normally FrameMaker+SGML only saved
the image name without the path.

Due to a number of circumstances it was necessary to create a plug-in
and not use the options to include searchpaths in the sgmlapps file.

The program I created works fine on my SUN system, but when I try to run
it on my windows system I get an assertion error when trying to
open/save a SGML file. On both systems I have correctly added the
plug-in to the apiclients/fmsgml.ini file, and I have changed the
sgmlapps file to use the plug-in. The initialization of the plug-in goes
well on both systems. Only when trying to import/export SGML files I get
the error on Windows.

When I removed all code saving the path names with the graphics file and
compiled the bare-SGML export plugin I still got the annoying assertion
error. Anyone have any pointers as where I should look for the source of
this problem???

I use FrameMaker+SGML5.5.6 on both systems. I use the SUN C compiler on
UNIX and use MSVisual C++ 4.1 on Windows98

King regards,
Adrie Berg
Daidalos - IT in Publishing

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