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Re: Bradframers Revisited

At 12:37 PM 11/15/99 +1100, Marcus Carr wrote:
>In what way do you feel that I'm not real? (Whatever that might mean...)
Get real and stop pretending that your attitude about list outages typifies
all subscribers. You know nothing of the sort. I've received a number of
off-list responses encouraging me to pursue this matter. Quality of service
is always a a valid issue, as are the minimum acceptable standards of
service that should be expected. It becomes even more valid because the
subject is harshly suppressed on the BradList. 
>The point is that I (and apparently others) are less interested in this issue
>than you appear to be, so we regard your statistics as being irrelevant without
>ever even considering the issue of veracity. As far as I'm concerned,
>about the stability of some other list is a waste of bandwidth. No amount of
>thumb-wrestling will convince me otherwise.
Well, how about this for why it wasn't irrelevant or a waste of bandwidth:
For the first time in quite awhile, Bradframers has stayed up through an
entire weekend, and, as I expected, there was a sigificant amount of
traffic. Perhaps the reason it stayed up is that I've raised the issue
publicly, and Brad can't stop me from raising it. Let's see if it stays up
for the next few weekends at least, without the mid-week outages that
occurred last week.
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