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Re: Fonts for FrameMaker


I second Hans' notion.  Try looking at ATM's SETTINGS tab, and then
the ADVANCED button.  You will see a check box for enabling
"Autoactiviation".  If you have some fonts "inactive" in ATM *and* if
"autoactiviation" is not enabled, you might have this problem.

Jay Smith

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Hans Lonissen wrote:
> Adele Higgins wrote:
> >
> > Hi all.  Your help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.  I'm
> > using FM 5.5.3 on a Windows 95 platform.
> >
> > Is there some kind of secret to accessing the same fonts in FM once you've
> > reinstalled the program?
> Hi Adele,
> If all the fonts are in the \psfonts I think the secret lies in ATM.
> I'm using ATM de Luxe in which there's tab called "Add Fonts". There
> must be some equivalent feature in the "normal" version of ATM to
> activate the ps-fonts.
> Perhaps you could take a look at that.
> --
> Hans Lonissen, SIG / PALGA, The Netherlands
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