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How to Remove Overrides in *Entire* Document?


Am I feeling the effects of too much eggnog -- or, perhaps is the
answer really not clear.

FM 556 on Win95

We have some documents that have been *already* imported from
WordPerfect 8 -- and subsequently modified, thus reimporting is not an
attractive option.  When importing from WP8, characteristics such as
Bold, Italic, etc., etc. come along for the ride unless "Import as
Plain Text" is not selected from the post-filtering Import dialog. 
Well, by accident, this was not selected.  So, I have documents with
various undesired characteristics along for the ride.  The para tag
names have a "+" next to them for the affected paragraphs.

If I Select All and then try tagging as any para tag, the undesired
characteristics do not go away.  Same if I try Character Tagging as
Default Font -- on the ENTIRE document.  

The only way I have found to deal with this is to locate the offending
paragraphs, highlight them, and Char Tag them as Default Font.  That
is definitely the hard way.

What am I missing?  Or should I up the octane of the eggnog and forget
about it?

Jay Smith

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