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Re: Developing an RFE system

At 07:28 PM 12/21/98 +0100, Thomas Michanek wrote:
>What we framers want (need) is a system where all users could enter
>enhancement requests (RFEs) in a well-defined format, make them
>accessible to all others, allow enhancing and discussing the requests,
>allow multiple users to "sign" a request, show status, progress and
>implementation of made requests, etc.
>My impression is that Adobe would not be interested in setting up
>such an open system, and I would personally also like the system 
>to not be controlled by Adobe.
>A similar system could be made for bugs, which is certainly not
>something Adobe would be interested in hosting :-)
I agree completely.

Here's a rough outline of a proposed process for doing it:

1. First, we need the forms for RFEs and bug reports (BRs).
Those forms, which should be copyable into the body of an email, could then
be distributed by posting them to the two Framers lists.

2. Anyone having the forms can fill them out and post them to the hosting
site, where they are assigned an unique RFE or BR number.

3. The hosting site then posts the filled out form from 3 above to the two
Framers lists, in which the subject is RFE #XXX or BR #XXX. The form
contains space for comments, as well as a place for the recipient to enter
their name to indicate whether s(he) supports or opposes the RFE, or
confirms the BR. In the case of a BR, space would also be provided for
entering any suggested workaround for the bug.

4. The annotated form produced in 3 above would be posted to the hosting
site, with the same subject (e.g., "RE: RFE #XXX") as the original. This
would create a separate thread for each RFE or BR number.

5. After a suitable period of time, the hosting site would consolidate the
responses (e.g., comments and number of people for and against an RFE, or,
in the case of a BR, the number of people who confirm the bug, plus any
recommended workarounds)and post the summary report to both framers lists,
as well as to Adobe. This would allow all subscribers to either list to set
up mailboxes and filters for accumulating and storing RFEs and BRs. 

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