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Re: Importing files with embeded Frame Hypertext links

At 09:44 AM 12/23/98 +1100, Netimpact Manager wrote:
>Happy Christmas and New year to ALL.
>Would anyone know how I might be able to import lists that have already
>active FrameMaker Hypertext links that Framemaker would be able to
>Put simply a text file or document that already contains embeded code
>that frameMaker will recognise or convert to an active Hypertext Open
>Document eg "openlink ../COMPANY/APPLE.FM".  
>We are extracting  2000/3000 different record lists of records from a
>large Access database. We are currently doing using VB5 queries to
>create the lists however we would like to be able to have some way to
>add code to the each record reference in the list so the Open Document
>command in Frame would work. 
This could easily be done with a product named UniMerge from Refined Reports.
You'd simply set up a FrameMaker template for use with UniMerge, in which
the appropriate hypertext marker containing the openlink command would be
embedded in each list item. UniMerge then merges the database extract with
the template to produce the hypertexted lists as MIF files.
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