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Re: Weird Font Breakup and Possible Solution (LONG)


I've had the same problem with 5.5 on my Mac (G3 PowerBook).  I've got two
versions running on it; FrameBuilder 4.0.4, and FrameMaker+SGML 5.5 and
while the former never has the problems you describe, the latter has, on
occasion, gone berzerk, showing all of the symptoms you describe, plus a
few more odd ones: some of the text antialiased, some of it not, all text
showing as italics, etc.  But as you indicate, it all prints perfectly.
Yet another reason for my continuing preference for version 4, which is

I've found that when this starts to happen, I can temporarily restore order
to the screen by changing the zoom level of the page a time or two, but
generally it starts happening again right away. Ctrl-l did change the
screen, but didn't restore order.  Another thing I've done is to quit and
relaunch Frame (only takes about 4 seconds on the G3, so not that
annoying), which seems to clear it up for a much longer period.  But as it
seemed that the antialiasing was causing part of the mayhem, eventually I
went to the ATM control panel (4.0.2) and changed the settings.  I
originally had it set to "Smooth Font Edges on Screen" and did not have
"Precision Charater Positioning" checked.  I reversed these settings and
since then things have calmed down a lot, although it still goes nuts from
time to time.  I'm using Type 1 Goudy in the documents that show the most
insane behaviour.

My setup is Macintosh G3 PowerBook Series (250 MHz PPC) with 64 Megs real
RAM, running OS 8.1 (Wolfram Research Appearance Manager patch applied).
ATM 4.0.2.

I'd be glad to see this problem fixed up, whatever it is.  I continue to
use 4.0.4 for many things because of it's superior stability and type

- web

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