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Re: Photoshop files are curious


I use Photoshop quite often and in the 5.0 (now 5.02) version, you can
create spot colors by using the channels--creating a channel for each
color. However, in the case if a two color on older versions of PS, you're
right in making a duotone EPS. That's what I did when I created a trade
book (see the printed version of the book described at

For photographs, I use either TIFF files or EPS if my material is going to
be printed (most commercial printers have no problems with either EPS or
TIFF); and I use JPEG for on-line via web.


"Debbi Leipold" <debbi@diehlgraphsoft.com> on 11/05/98 10:07:51 AM

To:   "Framers2" <framers@omsys.com>
cc:    (bcc: Dennis Hays/ALBANY/NOVALIS)
Subject:  Photoshop files are curious

I'm interested in how many of you use files in your frame docs that are
actually created in photoshop.  I have been getting mixed and interesting
behaviors from such graphics and am wondreing about other peoples results.

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