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Photoshop files are curious

I'm interested in how many of you use files in your frame docs that are
actually created in photoshop.  I have been getting mixed and interesting
behaviors from such graphics and am wondreing about other peoples results.

For example, I have one graphic that was created in PS in full color.  I
then needed a 2 color and the answer (to get it to separate correctly) was
to make it a duotone eps.  Another one created similarly had to be made a
cmyk tif with extra channels stripped out.  I thought I had an established
pattern for ps created files but I find myself having to do each and  see
which one works.

My suspicions are that it has something to do with the sequence of color
change (e.g., indexed, duotone, cmyk) or how many times it was changed.  But
that really wouldn't make sense and it not easily tracked.

I can definitely get them to work with one of these two solutions but would
like to establish a method for my madness.

Any ideas?



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