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Graphic Formats

(Cross-posted to both frame lists)

I know this has been discussed quite a bit lately, but my head is
spinning trying to keep it all straight. Can someone please summarize
the pros and cons of different graphic formats in Frame?

Here's our situation:
We are using FM 5.5.3 on WinNT. Our in-house printer is a HP LaserJet
5SI/5SI MX PS. Our drawings are created in Corel 7, then passed to me. I
open them in Corel 8 and export to WMF, which I then import by reference
into FM. The printed resolution on these is less than desired, so I have
tried converting them to EPS and importing the EPS file into FM. The
printed resolution using EPS graphics is even worse than WMF.
Someone suggested that I turn on the "low resolution images" option in
the print dialog box, but my images then print out as gray boxes.

I'd love to know if there is quick and easy fix for my printing woes. By
the way, we will be providing our docs to our printing vendor in PDF
format (and also placing the PDF files on our web site), so I need a
graphics format that works well with PDF.



Chris Welch-Hutchings
Senior Technical Writer
Home Wireless Networks, Inc.

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