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Re: AdobePS 5.0.1

On Mon, 02 Nov 1998 08:43:39 -0800, Dov Isaacs <isaacs@Adobe.COM> 
inadvertently wrote to owner-framers instead of the list:

Late Friday, I sent out what we hoped was good news about
the availability of the AdobePS 5.0.1 driver for Windows NT 4.0.
We have since learned that the Adobe web team did put the proper
"front" web pages up describing the updates, but did not yet
post the actual drivers themselves. We have alerted them to the
problem and the need to quickly finish the task.

I will alert these mailing lists when we have fully ascertained
that the 5.0.1 versions have been fully and properly placed on
our FTP server.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that we may caused you.

	- Dov

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