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Re: Graphic Formats

Hutchings, Christa wrote:


> Here's our situation:
> We are using FM 5.5.3 on WinNT. Our in-house printer is a HP LaserJet
> 5SI/5SI MX PS. Our drawings are created in Corel 7, then passed to me. I
> open them in Corel 8 and export to WMF, which I then import by reference
> into FM. The printed resolution on these is less than desired, so I have
> tried converting them to EPS and importing the EPS file into FM. The
> printed resolution using EPS graphics is even worse than WMF.
> Someone suggested that I turn on the "low resolution images" option in
> the print dialog box, but my images then print out as gray boxes.
> I'd love to know if there is quick and easy fix for my printing woes. By
> the way, we will be providing our docs to our printing vendor in PDF
> format (and also placing the PDF files on our web site), so I need a
> graphics format that works well with PDF.


Does Corel 8 allow saving files as ".ai" (Adobe Illustrator's native
format)?  When I worked with Frame on Windows and imported
all of my illustrations by reference, I used the Adobe Illustrator
format, which resulted in PDFs that were clean both on screen
and when printed (and both color and monochrome).

When coming from a CAD environment such as ProE, I had
them save a 2-D view as a .dxf (data exchange format) image,
and then I used HiJaak Pro to convert those to .ai images.  I
had to clean them up in Illustrator, but the results speak for
themselves.   Corel 8 should be able to save images as
.ai, since it is such a common format.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

-- Tom Regner

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