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Re: FrameMaker 5.5.6

Suzette Seveny wrote:

> The result?  When I came into work this morning, a FedEx package was on my desk
> containing the 5.5.6 CD, sent to me gratis.
> Good service.

I'll say. What am I doing wrong?

I started a three-month contract on September 21st and convinced them to buy
FrameMaker by the 28th. I received version 5.5.3 a few days later. At first when I
called in for 5.5.6, they wanted me to pay the $25 for the upgrade CD. When I
successfully argued that I had purchased 5.5.3 within the grace period for a free
upgrade, they assured me that my CD would be sent to me within 3-4 working days.

When I called back two weeks later, I was told that even though I had already
registered my copy of FrameMaker, I needed to fax the invoice to them to get the
free upgrade. Our software supplier hadn't invoiced us yet, so I faxed the P.O.

Not good enough, apparently. Now, I have to wait until the software supplier
invoices us before I can get the upgrade I thought I would have a month ago. In the
meantime, I'm still converting my Word docs to version 6 before I can convert them.

That's it. I'm done griping. But if the person at Adobe who was so kind as to FedEx
the CD to Suzette would do the same for me, my faith in democracy would be

: )


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