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Single sided vs double sided manuals

Hello Framers
I am in need of ammunition. My boss, because of pressure from above him,
wants me to change my 250 page, double sided, full color user manual from
double sided to single sided.

He cites improvement in speed of printing largely stemming from the lack of
need for manual duplexing of the print job (we are operating on a small
budget and can't justify the cost of an auto-duplexer). Also advantageous is
the ease of insertion of update pages. He further cites the higher-ups'
preference for 'fatter' manuals, and of course, doing this would immediately
double the # of pages, by adding 50% wasted space.

You've helped tremendously in the past, and I need the ammunition now to
help my company make the best long-term decision. I have never _ever_ seen a
single sided user manual....do any of you make them? And I am eager to hear
any arguments you have for resisting this move.


Janet Lohmeyer
The InterCept Group, Inc.

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