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Re: Framers-Digest #1152 - 10/21/98

Subject: RE: Forcing empty pages to have no master page
From: Bob Goldsby <BobG@WOODLAND.USNR.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 08:41:55 -0700

There are two ways (that I know of) to force blank final LH pages.
The second way is automatic and easier:
1.) In your book setup every first file in a chapter to have "Starting
Page Side: RIGHT". (In these same files your defaults should be set to
1st page.  Select Format, Page Layout, Page Size and in the Page Size
dialogue box check Double Sided and Right 1st Page.)
2.) In the Individual Files (final file of each chapter) select FORMAT,
DOCUMENT, NUMBERING. In that dialogue box select at the option "Before
Saving & Printing: pick "Delete Empty Pages".

This means that when you print the files, the last file of each chapter
be blank (no headers and footers, page numbers, etc.) if there is no
text on
that page. 

MY COMMENTS:  How so?  Each Chapter is a file.  If text of the Chapter
file ends on an odd (RH) page then there will be a blank page in between
(?).  BUT if chapter file ends on an even (LH) page, the next file in
the book will print following on the right.  No blank page.  Of course
in this last scenario, just hand place a blank page in between the two. 

Because each chapter starts on right hand pages only (step 1 above) you
up with the blank page preceding it (the even page of the previous
again, if there is no text on that page.
Bob Goldsby
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 Subject: Forcing empty pages to have no master page
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 Any ideas are appreciated.

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