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RE: Forcing empty pages to have no master page

Not automatically.  We have each Chapter as a separate file.  We also
use "Keep page count even".  We also set each file in Book to start on
RH 1st page.  If text in a chapter file ends on an odd page, then there
is a blank page, but we have to set Master page to "None."
BUT with Table of contents open, and using SHIFT + Left mouse click, you
can jump to each chapter and check where last page falls.  If all
chapters are in one file, then just jump to chapter from TOC, go back
one page, and check.  If each chapter is a separate file, use TOC, jump
to chapter, then go to end of file (Chapter).  Not automatic, but quick
right before printing.

Subject: RE: Forcing empty pages to have no master page
From: rasherwood@dstsystems.com
Rebecca A. Sherwood@DST

This definitely works; however, I don't have the time to page through a
book of close to 1,000 pages to do this manually.  Is there some setting
Frame to do this automatically, or is Frame not that smart?  (BTW, Word
does this automatically.)

John D. Pilla,  Optum Inc.
Senior Product Information Analyst
(704) 423-7456,  Fax:  x7177

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