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Strange Text Inset Behaviour

Hello Framers,

This is under the heading, "you learn something new every day." Try this
fast test.

1) Create a blank, portrait document.
2) In the first paragraph, insert an anchored frame about 5" x 5".
3) Add a 3" x 3" rectangle in the center of the anchored frame. Make sure it
is a solid color so you can see it.
4) Save the file as Inset.fm.

Now do this.

1) Create a blank, portrait document.
2) Import Inset.fm as a text inset. Double-click on it to verify that it is
a text inset.
3) Right-click on the rectangle and press the Escape key so that the
rectangle remains selected.

This is the first surprise; the rectangle is in the text inset, but it is
selectable as an object in the container file. Press the delete key and you
get the second surprise: the rectangle is deleted! Of course, if you update
the text inset, it will reappear, but it was a shock to me that you can
select and delete an image that is part of a text inset.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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