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JOB notice -- Greene NY, Documentation Specialist needed


I am cross-posting this to frame and dita groups to assist a client. Please
contact the person mentioned at the bottom of the notice if you are
interested in applying for this position.

Thank you,



The Raymond Corporation, the leading North American supplier of electric
warehouse trucks, has an exciting opportunity in its Corporate Technical
Publications Department, located in Upstate NY. Raymond is an integral
member of the Toyota Material Handling Group, the world's #1 lift truck
manufacturer with operations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the
rest of the world. We are looking for a high-energy, detail oriented,
individual to fi ll the following position:


With a shared professional interest in technical communications, you'll
support our technical publications department, providing content and
development of innovative technical information systems. You'll also be
involved in user-focused development of information, processes and

We require an Associate's or Bachelor's degree, or at least 2 years of
related work experience, plus an extensive working knowledge of software
including Structured FrameMaker, content management systems, XML, databases
and spreadsheets. Outstanding proofreading, typesetting and language skills
are required.

Working at our Greene, NY headquarters, you will enjoy a low cost of living,
easy commutes from city, village, or country, and a beautiful natural
environment with easy access to a wide range of outdoor activities. Six
major cities and nine major colleges and universities are nearby or within
easy driving distance. Raymond offers a full range of generous benefits.
If you're a results-driven individual who desires challenging work in a
dynamic environment, send your resume to:

staffi ng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Raymond Corporation
ATTN: MP Ref. 4577
P.O. Box 130
Greene, NY 13778-0130
Fax: 607-656-9005.


Kay Ethier
Bright Path Solutions
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Research Triangle Park NC 27709-4265
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