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Re: Color in PDF - Printing in black&white

Another approach I once used was to create two additional documents which 
contain nothing but the character format definition for hyperlinks. Let's 
name them 'PDF Optimization' and 'Print Optimization'.

In 'PDF Optimization' you set the character format that rules the 
appearance of your hyperlinks to blue.
In 'Print Optimization' you set the same character format to black.

Then, before you create the PDF, you first import the character formats 
from 'PDF Optimization' into the entire book.

Before you send your book to the printer you do the same, but you import 
the character formats from 'Print Optimization'.

Of course this requires that you've been consistently using character 
formats to format the hyperlinks but it's pretty flexible then and allows 
you to easily modify other font properties as well, e.g. blue underlined 
for PDF and black italics for print.


Michael Cenedella <ropes12@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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2005-11-10 15:37

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        Subject:        Re: Color in PDF - Printing in black&white

I've had this problem before. I bet you're using the standard blue color
from Frame.

I came up with two color solutions. Try it on your users' printers as much
as you can. Basically, a darker blue or green will print as black.

My Dark Blue is Spot, C 100 M 90 Y 10 Black 0, all values in %

My Forest Green is Spot, C 100 M55 Y 100 Black 0

Both are overprint knock out.

I use the blue for cross references.

Mike Cenedella, unemployed and looking contractor in Portland, OR.
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From: "FIONA HANINGTON" <fionahanington@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:01 PM
Subject: Color in PDF - Printing in black&white

> Hi framers
> The xrefs in my document are blue so users will know they are links in 
> This looks great online, but the problem arises when the document is
printed in black and white (which is what most users will do; we are
delivering online manuals only).
> The xrefs come out grey and are difficult to read.
> How do I generate the PDF so the links print as black? Is there a way?
> Info:
> FM 7 on Windows
> Distiller version 5.0
> Thanks,
> Fiona Hanington
> fionahanington AT shaw DOT ca

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