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Re: Frame+SGML 6.0 problem

At 09:46 AM 9/30/2005, David.Clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
When I remove the tag "<?Fm: Validation Off>"  (I'm assuming it's a
processing instruction to switch a validator on/off) from the file that's
crashing my Frame application, suddenly things aren't so bad and the
crashing stops! Of course, the added twist is that some of the smaller
files still open okay with the tag still in place.

Dave, The 7.0 Dev Guide says (and I'm sure the FM+SGML 6.0 version is similar):

When the exported markup turns out to be invalid, the software
generates a <?FM Validation Off?> PI. When importing an XML or
SGML instance with this PI in its DTD subset, FrameMaker imports
the complete file whether it is valid or not. Note that this PI
is only reliable for XML or SGML files that were exported by FrameMaker.

I don't want to take the time to confirm it now, but I believe FM generates the processing instruction when the FM document it is exporting is invalid, not when it is generating invalid SGML. In any case, on import the PI tells FM to try to make as much sense as possible of the input. Without the PI, some parsing errors cause FM to stop processing the document at the point where the error occurs. Look at the end of an SGML document that crashes on import when you include the PI, and compare it to the end of the FM document you get when you import the SGML without the PI. I suspect you'll find that the end of the document wasn't imported and that the problem occurs in the section after parsing stopped. Of course, any parsing errors in the log file are a big clue about what's happening.

You can parse an SGML document without importing it, using File > Developers Tools > Parse SGML Document.


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