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Re: Frame+SGML 6.0 problem

The messages about the special characters probably result from attempts to use characters that your SGML declaration prohibits. The fact that the problem occurs only with some documents is likely to result from a structure or character that occurs in the problem documents but not the others. To begin debugging the problem, I would take a document that crashes, remove a chunk of the content, import the smaller version and see if it crashes FM as well. If it does, I'd remove some more; if not I'd restore part of what I'd deleted. It's often possible to isolate the cause of a crash by preparing the smallest possible document that causes it. I have seen a few cases in which the location where a crash occurs moves around as the document is edited; my recollection is that these all involved importing FrameMaker books. While FM certainly should not crash, I don't remember a case where there wasn't an error in the document.
You didn't mention whether you are using a custom API client; I assume not. If you are using your own client, of course, it is always possible for it to have a bug that causes a crash.

At 08:04 AM 9/29/2005, David.Clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Has anyone got any advice for a novice who is trying to open SGML files in

Frame+SGML 6.0.0 and getting an application crash? It's on a Windows XP
My problem is that the SGML has a custom set of DTDs. This seems okay when

the files open, everything displays, I get a load of messages about
characters that should be entities (extended characters that display
anyway despite the error log messages), but all seems fine and I can save
the FM version. For these documents I have custom sgmlapps.fm file, *.rw
file and *.dec file.
The funny thing is that it is particular chapters in the books that
trigger this failure - not the whole fileset. I'm at a loss as to
understand why a text file can cause this sort of havoc!!

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