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Re: Shading text in Frame

At 11:46 AM +0100 19/12/03, <arinor@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have am working on the API reference for a forthcoming product redesign. Encouraged by the product manager, I am also redesigning the Frame template that has served to company for the past 6 years. In pursuit of the these lofty goals, I have encountered a slight problem that would be easily solved in Word.

In Word one can shade text by simply Format>Borders and Shading and applying a color shading to a selected text. I am trying to find an equivalent functionality in Framemaker. Funny enough in my 4 years of using Framemaker, I have never had to apply shading to text. In addition I would like to add this formatting element (shading) to a paragraph tag....

Waiting for a million responses...

Well, I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this little trick I have for such things. It's not perfect - the text won't break across lines, but it does make the shading follow the text if the text moves on the page or to a different page. Here's what you do.

Insert a new medium equation, highlight the question mark, and with the symbols pallet showing, click on the "start string" item on the right. Now enter your text in the equation box. After having put in the text, select the frame in which the text resides and using the graphics pallet colour the fill as you wish (black with 10% tint looks okay). Now shrinkwrap the equation. There's your highlighted text. It doesn't get spellchecked, so watch your spelling. But it's a hell of a lot easier than messing with tables - yech.

- web

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