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Re: FrameMaker Console

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From: "David Schor" <Davids@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Whenever I open a file in FM, the FM console opens too. I don't want
> this to happen - I rarely need to look at it. [...]
> The annoying part is that everytime I return to FM, I have to take the
> additional step of choosing the FM window instead of the Console. [...]
> Is there a way that I can alter this behavior so that the Console
> doesn't open, or that it opens when I want it.

Look in the Preferences for "Show File Translation Errors" (corresponding
to the ShowErrors setting in the maker.ini file). According to the
online manuals:
* ShowErrors determines if error messages are displayed in the console
  window when they occur.

I believe that turning it off means that the Console window isn't opened
at all.

However, I would first of all try to figure out why you get messages
for a file and try to solve the underlying problem (missing fonts?).

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden

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