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Re: Character set conversion

At 12/18/2003 03:10 AM, Darren Bane wrote:
>Hi there,
>When I generate either PS or PDF files, certain characters are substituted (e.g. Yen for bullet) and others are dropped (e.g. ').  I tracked this down to FrameMaker's use of a proprietary character set - the FrameMaker code for bullet is the same as the ISO8859-1 code for Yen.  I searched Adobe's support site as well as the email list archives, and followed a suggestion to install the latest AdobePS drivers and PPD files.  However, this still didn't fix the problem.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks in advance.

You don't give enough information vis-a-vis OS, versions of
applications, etc. to let us assist you in any meaningful
manner since this is NOT a general problem, especially if
you embed all fonts in PDF files you produce.

        - Dov 

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