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Re: Shading text in Frame

I always used a one-cell table for stuff like this. IIRC, use a TableAnchor paragraph tag, with the font size set at 2, and anchor the table At Current Position, with the Space Above Table at -2, then insert the table. (This is an excellent job for the Auto-Text plug-in.) The only annoyance we found was needing to manually move the cursor into the table cell when you were using arrow keys to navigate the rest of the document.


In Word one can shade text by simply Format>Borders and Shading and applying a color shading to a selected text. I am trying to find an equivalent functionality in Framemaker.

Insert a new medium equation, highlight the question mark, and with the symbols pallet showing, click on the "start string" item on the right. Now enter your text in the equation box. After having put in the text, select the frame in which the text resides and using the graphics pallet colour the fill as you wish (black with 10% tint looks okay). Now shrinkwrap the equation. There's your highlighted text.

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