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Re: Keeping font overrides in crossreferece <$paratext>

Thomas Michanek wrote:
> > Since italics are not preserved,
> > I elected to forgo the <$paratext> feature altogether.  I
> > don't have a solution, I've just kluged my paper so that
> > it does without.
> Since your original description only talked about the wish
> to preserve font changes in the cross-reference text, could
> you elaborate a bit more on the formatting of your source
> paragraphs and the paragraphs containing the cross-refs?
> What formatting changes do you really need to preserve?
> Are they required by a client, or a wish of your own?
> Perhaps we can find an alternative solution, or suggest
> an alternative design approach.

It is my wish.

I have math notation outside of equations in my figure
captions.  The journal I'm submitting a paper to requires
the captions all together on separate page.  I wanted to
keep the captions on the pages of the figures as well.
The draft submission requires that one figure occupy
one page, and I was going to have a caption at the
bottom of each figure page.  I would then duplicate the
captions on the captions page by cross-referencing the
captions beneath the figures.  I wanted to maintain
consistency between each caption and its duplicate,
including all math notation resulting from symbol
font, super/subscript, and italics, and combinations
thereof.  To live without preservation of italics
makes this approach unappealing, and to create
a seperate character tag for each combination of
the remaining character format parameters seemed
like too much work for an approach of questionable
appeal.  So instead, I put the captions directly on
the captions page and cross-referenced each caption
number from the page of the corresponding figure.
This only duplicates the paragraph number, and not
the text of the caption.  That's OK, I believe that
meets the requirements of the journal (IEEE journal,
in case that's a familiar acronym here).  I just
have to be extra careful associating each figure
with the right caption, since it's not obvious
from just looking at a page containing the figure
and the caption number without caption text.

Thanks for offering to suggest alternative
approaches.  I think what I did was sort of an
alternative, at least good enough for the official

Fred Ma
Dept. of Electronics, Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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