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Re: Keeping font overrides in crossreferece <$paratext>

Would this text-inset strategy work for you:

* Create a new file to contain the captions. Define a custom master page
with no template text frame - the one usually named flow A. Draw text frames
on this page, one per caption; name the text flow for each frame to indicate
its caption, such as "Flow: Caption of phenomenon 1." Format as required.

* In the source document, where you need the caption, import the text inset,
just as you would insert a cross-reference.

* In the location where you need the one-page list of captions, import the
text insets. If you need thumbnails of the images on this page, create a
two-column table; import the graphics and size appropriately, for column 1,
and import the insets for column 2.

If you need to revise the information or the graphics, you'd revise it in
the source of the inset, or the source of the graphic, then update the book.



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>>> Since italics are not preserved,
>>> I elected to forgo the <$paratext> feature altogether.  I
>>> don't have a solution, I've just kluged my paper so that
>>> it does without.
>> Since your original description only talked about the wish
>> to preserve font changes in the cross-reference text, could
>> you elaborate a bit more on the formatting of your source
>> paragraphs and the paragraphs containing the cross-refs?
>> What formatting changes do you really need to preserve?
>> Are they required by a client, or a wish of your own?
>> Perhaps we can find an alternative solution, or suggest
>> an alternative design approach.
> It is my wish.
> I have math notation outside of equations in my figure
> captions.  The journal I'm submitting a paper to requires
> the captions all together on separate page.  I wanted to
> keep the captions on the pages of the figures as well.
> The draft submission requires that one figure occupy
> one page, and I was going to have a caption at the
> bottom of each figure page.  I would then duplicate the
> captions on the captions page by cross-referencing the
> captions beneath the figures.  I wanted to maintain
> consistency between each caption and its duplicate,
> including all math notation resulting from symbol
> font, super/subscript, and italics, and combinations
> thereof.  To live without preservation of italics
> makes this approach unappealing, and to create
> a seperate character tag for each combination of
> the remaining character format parameters seemed
> like too much work for an approach of questionable
> appeal.  So instead, I put the captions directly on
> the captions page and cross-referenced each caption
> number from the page of the corresponding figure.
> This only duplicates the paragraph number, and not
> the text of the caption.  That's OK, I believe that
> meets the requirements of the journal (IEEE journal,
> in case that's a familiar acronym here).  I just
> have to be extra careful associating each figure
> with the right caption, since it's not obvious
> from just looking at a page containing the figure
> and the caption number without caption text.

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