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Re: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file

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Subject: Re: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 03:09:38 -0400
From: Fred Ma <fma@doe.carleton.ca>
To: Chuck Hastings <cwh2@earthlink.net>

Chuck Hastings wrote:
> Hello Again Fred,
> My email, sent in haste before my 45-mile morning
> commute of the day, omitted one important key point
> about Modus Operandi, which to me gets most of the
> way around your objection to relying on  `Revert to
> Saved.'
> What I actually do is to invoke  `Revert to Saved'
> not only at the END of my session with some file, but
> WHENEVER I've just made some change to that file
> which I'm sure is NOT a content change, when I'm
> through with needing that change to be in effect.
> (This M.O. can also go along with saving promptly
> after any serious content changes.)
> Thus, all NON-content changes get expeditiously
> undone.  If that little bottom-of-the-screen asterisk
> next to the page count is on when I'm ready to close
> up the file, I know that there's been a content change
> and that I need to do a save.
> The only problem then comes if I slack off and keep
> a bunch of non-content changes in effect, while also
> making content changes . . .  Usually I don't do that.
> Nothing in life comes entirely without cost.
> I should note that  `Revert to Save'  is a very fast
> and convenient operation.
> By the way, even changing the viewing scale factor
> from say 100% to 120% turns on that little asterisk!
> I've set up another recourse also - setting the
> autosave Preference to autosave every two minutes.
> Probably sounds paranoid, but it's occasionally been
> vital when I got ahead of myself while editing some file.
> Chuck Hastings      cwh2@earthlink.net

Thanks for clarifying, Chuck.  It seems like a reasonable
compromise in effort vs. safety.  Though I do wish that
FM would somehow evolve to distinguish between content
changes and noncontent changes.  That would be the ultimate

The adobe.framemaker group also suggested suppressing
automatic updating.  It seemed to work at first, then I
tried zoom changes as per your suggestion above.  In that
case, it still asked to save the file.  


PS: By the way, was the pun intended?  In Chuck Hastings's
haste this he left out the m.o....
Fred Ma, fma@doe.carleton.ca
Carleton University, Dept. of Electronics
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
Canada, K1S 5B6

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