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Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file


My post seems to have gotten lost enroute again....

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Subject: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file
Date: 11 Jun 2003 02:20:11 -0700
From: fma@doe.carleton.ca (fred ma)
Organization: http://groups.google.com/
Newsgroups: adobe.framemaker,comp.text.frame


Is there a way to get FM to not ask to save
a file on exitting, if the file has not been
changed?  It is the only app to do this, so
I usually pause and say "Wait a minute...did
I change something?  I don't want to lose it."
Most of the time, it's just not worth the
trouble to save it under a different name and
compare documents with the original.  Instead,
I just say "yes" to save the file.  But this
changes the time stamp.  I rely on the time
stamp as a sanity check to see which copies I
have on different machines is the most recent
(I archive my files and transfer them from
machine to machine depending on my location).
So by saving a few minutes by saying "yes" to
saving the file, I waste quite a few *more*
minutes scratching my head and figuring out
the most recent file, without trusting the
time stamps.  Been going on for years.


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