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Re: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file

Hello Fred and Framers,

The magic bullet for your complaint about FrameMaker is called
`Revert to Saved,'  in the File menu.

If you even select a different number of pages to print, that's a
change according to FrameMaker's reckoning.  Or, changing
from actual printing onto like real paper to virtual printing via
`Acrobat Distiller'  or  `Acrobat PDF Writer'   or changing
back, after creating your .pdf copy.

But, as long as you know that you haven't actually messed
around with your document's content,  `Revert to Saved'  will
put everything back exactly as it was when you first opened up
the file  including your valued original time stamp. So just
invoke  `Revert to Saved'  before closing/exiting.

FrameMaker is NOT the only application which has this annoying
habit that you report.  MSWord97 is by far worse, and in addition
pushes endless argy-bargy in your face about something called the
`normal dot'  when you're simply trying to exit MSWord and get
back to work.  (Sad to say, some of my technical writing clients
insist upon my work for them being done in MSWord, even though
I always tell them that FrameMaker is by far the better mousetrap.)

One other useful trick:  I still have Norton Commander
installed.  It's an ancient DOS program, but it runs perfectly
well under the DOS window in Windows95/98/2000.  It
doesn't feature the cute little dangling manila folders of
Windows Exploder, but otherwise it does the same job 
better by my reckoning, because it tells you the exact byte
count of each file rather than rounding off to the nearest
1K, and also the exact instant of file creation which you
say that you're relying on.  I rely on Norton Commander
to tell me the exact truth about whatever just happened, in
cases where looking at the situation through just Windows
mechanisms is inconclusive.

Chuck Hastings      cwh2@earthlink.net

Fred Ma wrote:

> Hello,
> My post seems to have gotten lost enroute again....
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Get FM stop to asking to save unchanged file
> Date: 11 Jun 2003 02:20:11 -0700
> From: fma@doe.carleton.ca (fred ma)
> Organization: http://groups.google.com/
> Newsgroups: adobe.framemaker,comp.text.frame
> Hi,
> Is there a way to get FM to not ask to save
> a file on exitting, if the file has not been
> changed?  It is the only app to do this, so
> I usually pause and say "Wait a minute...did
> I change something?  I don't want to lose it."
> Most of the time, it's just not worth the
> trouble to save it under a different name and
> compare documents with the original.  Instead,
> I just say "yes" to save the file.  But this
> changes the time stamp.  I rely on the time
> stamp as a sanity check to see which copies I
> have on different machines is the most recent
> (I archive my files and transfer them from
> machine to machine depending on my location).
> So by saving a few minutes by saying "yes" to
> saving the file, I waste quite a few *more*
> minutes scratching my head and figuring out
> the most recent file, without trusting the
> time stamps.  Been going on for years.
> Fred
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