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setting book file properties on importing XML

hi all

when importing a large XML-file with a rule "reader generate book" FM
generates a book file that holds the seperate files as specified in the
r/w-rules. Now I want to be able to set the file properties of those
files in the book automatically. This can be done manually from the book
file (by selecting all files and selecting "Format > Document >
Numbering" and "Format > Page Layout > Pagination". I tried to set these
props in the template that FM uses to open the XML, but this does not

My question is: 
Can those props be set automatically from XML? I have full access to the
DTD and/or XSLT.
Or from the r/w rules? 
Or do I need FDK? And if yes, does anybody know of a FDK client that
make this possible? I would like this to be configurable...

Theun Fleer
Tedopres, Tilburg, The Netherlands

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